Yeah, so it is September in Calgary and we've had 20cm+ of snow. Wow, this is not nearly as fun as you would think - in fact it isn't at all. The first say it hit, Monday September 8th was also my first day in my new programme at the University of Calgary so that was as fun and stressful as possible ... yeah.

Third year Political Science is interesting - especially considering the fact that I'm taking all second year courses this year and fourth will be a horrible combination of third and fourth year material - I can see the mess it'll be now!

At the end of August I switched from Telus Internet/TV to TekSavvy Internet and DigitalOTA television and I couldn't be happier now that it actually works. The tv is based on the same concept as the traditional OTA television - get an antenna, hook it into a tv with a tuner and bam! Free tv. I bought a cheap indoor rca antenna and depending on how ugly I want to make it I can get between 3-6 channels (CTV,CBC,GLOBAL,CITY,YES,OMNI) though since I typically don't watch much tv I kept it sensibly hidden and get the mainstays onlu (CTV,CBC,GLOBAL).

What really makes it interesting is the quality of the signal - it is far better than the 'HD' signal offered through the television provider - local news personalities went from being kind of OK to being sort of scary ugly... Combined with the PVR I bought (Homeworx) I get what would be $100+ from Telus for free! The funny thing about this PVR is that it is better then the OptikTV PVR that was provided with the previous package. It came with a remote, hooks into an external hard drive and saves in DRM free .mts video files. As a bonus it reads ntfs/fat32 no problem it works as a Picture/Music/Video player as well as a PVR - the best being that it plays pretty much any file you through at it - including a number of odd .mp4 video files.

On the other hand I switched from Telus which was dropping like crazy all the time and only around 5mbps max (though supposedly it was suppose to be 15mbps). Switched to TekSavvy 25mbps - bought the modem, got it setup and ... Nothing. Telus came on a Thursday and did some Internetmagic to setup the DSL line from them to TekSavvy, and it didn't work. The DSL WAN worked fine, but no Address. Spent a week working on it, Telus came out again - they discovered they hadn't set it up right to begin with. Would that do it? No of course not. Another support call, another push to Telus and bam its up.

And boy is it fast. I realize that 25mbps isn't the highest people have, and if I could get higher I would - but damn compared to what I've had before it is so fast and nice.

As for school? I'll get to that...