So, when I started this I was with ElectricByte VPS which decided to go down, for over a month with no compensation. So I switched to Linode, but I also started a job for the summer because I enrolled in school again. So it has been busy, a roller coaster of sorts.

Lets start with ElectricByte, they were a small time provide that originally provided MineCraft servers, and eventually cheap VPS - I was able to grab a years for about $20 which was fine by me. It wasn't amazing, but it did everything I needed it to do. Sadly in early June my entire system went down, without a word from them. After over a month I learn that their entire data centre went down with no eta of it being recovered - therefore I pulled out and decided to recoup my losses. This time, instead of trying to (apparently in vain) to get a provider that is minimal and cheap, I've went with Linode which provides a supreme level of service but is a fair bit more expensive - but you get what you pay for.

Recently I learned that ElectricByte was bought by ChicagoVPS and dissolved all its VPS anyway, so it looks like I was lucky to get out when I did.

Secondly I decided through my prolonged job search to enroll into the University of Calgary in their Political Science course. It has been, ... Interesting. Apparently since I am a graduate of Saint Francis Xavier's Bachelors of Business Information Systems programme I cannot just enroll as a normal student, I have to be a 'transfer' student. After a fair amount of headaches and frights about requirements and what it entails - I got in, and in third year to boot! Being a transfer student means I get to skip the first two years of the degree and head face first into the higher level material since apparently I know everything.

I don't.

So I have been scraping and scrimping to figure out what I /should/ know. I haven't come up with much, going to email the Professors for my classes if they can give me a heads up. However it should be fun, I have always enjoyed Political Science (hence why I took it as a degree choice) and look forward to seeing if it lets me progress into the realm of some sort of Political Staffer in the future, doubtfully though. Either way it'll be a nice two year reprieve that lets me do a lot of hopeful skill building.

Because of that I was able with a little help to get a really good summer position working for the Calgary Court Centre, if only temporarily for the summer. It has been quite enjoyable and fairly challenging - I'll leave it at that. ;)

That is just the beginnig, more later

September, September. Oh boy! Summer here in Calgary is well over thats for sure - 20cm+ of snow in September is amazing in the fact that it is absolutely ridiculous on so many levels