As I said in the previous 'hello' post. I am using lazyblorg as a blogging engine as the starting point for this little informational website I have. This is for multiple reasons - I want to continue my learning experiment in emacs. Therefore combining emacs and org-mode together for this is probably the most non-specific way I can do this. However it is most definitely going to be a learning experience for me, thats for sure. Before this I haven't used org-mode at all. However there are a fair number of reasons for me to do this.

Org-Mode is a package that is now built into emacs that allows for a lot of complex and simple textual addons such as planning, agendas and more. However the neat thing is that it can be integrated into a number of different areas of emacs (obviously) and so can be used to either extend itself or other aspects or utilised in original ways (such as a blog). I am also hoping to get down and dirty with an actual Blog this time. I have (repeatedly) attempted before to start one and maybe just maybe I will be able to keep this up since I'll be using emacs to do it.

Its pretty interesting how I am actually writing this, in a rash show of disrespect I am actually ignoring the instructions for lazyblorg and not having a local copy and backing it up onto the server for deployment but instead having it entirely on the server and remoting into emacs itself, as you can see here.

I would like to point out however that this is fairly different from my local session of emacs - I have yet to fully transfer my local setup onto my VPS, namely due to the fact that I am lazy. However eventually it'll get on there and bam I'll be magical everywhere. That really is the wonder of emacs though - I can have it anywhere and everywhere and do what I want with it. It really is "the extensible, customizable, self-documenting, real-time display editor". Hopefully I'll post a bit more about it.

This really was more of an attempt for me to test some features of lazyblorg and org-mode but I am sure it'lL continue with more and more actual interesting content at some point I promise.