Here is a fun lyric from the song Virtuality by Rush.

"Put your message in a modem / And throw it in the Cyber Sea"

Kind of cool, hun?

2015-11-01: A Rant About Talislanta

For the last couple months off and on I have been playing online through Talisalanta 5e online with Roll20, this is the first time I have really ran any long term game outside of Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e, and the first time I've played /anything/ in probably close to 3-4years. It has definitely been a learning experience, I've become quite rusty at actually running a game, I've become sloppy with descriptions and pacing which years ago I probably would have not issue with whatsoever. However, it has also pointed out that a lot of what you can do with a game comes down to the ruleset you're playing with and in the end Talislanta has created far more of a hindrance then a help in this regard.

The basic rules of the game for the most part are fairly agreeable, but the world and how close it ties into the rules (making it unable to be separated from it) and the way magic is formulated in the game have created a nightmare to create content for and master for my group of players. The game puts too much detail into unimportant and generally easily determined parts of the rules and world and leaves out great pieces of information that leave the product as a whole lacking in substance. It is a collection of ideas that don't even come together. e

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2015-06-11: Apple's Mac OS X 10.10 on a Lenovo Thinkpad x240

I really haven't worked in the Apple ecosystem, before this I had an Apple iPod Nano 2G years and years ago and that was the first time since elementary I'd touched an Apple device - and those were the ol' green screens. However I figured that a. getting a Hackintosh working would be fun, but also that it'd probably be a good thing to say that I could work in a 'technical' sense with OS X.

And boy, was it a challenge getting Yosemite working on this laptop. It all started with the fact that /I didn't have access to OSX/. I bought from the Apple Store Mountain Lion, thinking I'd be in some way able to directly download it and put it on a disk. To me this makes sense because what if something happened to your Mac and you can't access it and you need to reinstall? Well, no. You can't do that. Luckily there are a few iMacs at my University and I was able to download it on there.

However Mountain Lion is 10.8, its a few years old and definitely not what I wanted. So I stuck the sucker with some hacking and slashing into VMWARE and from /there/ downloaded the image for Yosemite. At this point the wonderful guides at TonyMacx86 without whom none of this would be possible.

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2015-03-11: Hey, All you pretty people!

Been awhile? Yeah... I am not good at these blog things.

The school year is coming to an end and I've been having fun. Hopefully going to be able to get things going with the Court Centre here again for the Summer since I enjoyed myself so much there last summer.

Recently I switched from Linode whose performance was more than satisfactory and the service of which I could not complain in the least to OVH which was cheaper. The specifications are not quite as high rate, but overall I get the same system for $3/month vs $10/mo or even recently $20/mo since I was messing with systems.

There were a few reasons I set out and did this other than price, one was that OVH is Canada so it ends up being much cheaper for me - even if I go for their $10/mo plan it isn't being converted from CAD to USD and costing almost $15. Another, more of a fun plan is I can have multiple VPSes - I am considering setting up a dedicated email server. iRedMail is a wonderful system - however it takes over an entire system and I'd rather not have to share resources with it / try to make it work with my existing setup.

Another fun project I am currently in the midst of is converting an old Netbook which I know I couldn't get more than $50 for into a light media server. I have it stuck in a closet by the router and it serves itself as a Samba and DLNA server for various media I have. All of this, with transcoding (except apparently for mkv which I haven't got quite right yet), thumbnails and everything was /very/ easy to get working. MPD on the other hand, to stream music remotely over the local network and beyond hasn't been as successful (The web stream keeps getting blocked).

Now I just need to think of /more/ things to set up on it.

What else have I been doing...?

In preparation for what is hopefully fruitful summer employment (and not fry flipping) I have been brushing my languages, focusing Python and JavaScript at the moment since both of those are very easy to pick up and run with while still being very useful. Combined with a refresher on MySQL I think I may be a bit more useful than /generic history major/ in a /it department/!

When learning, I find the only way I can do it with any sort of success is through text books; YouTube videos, 'tutorials' and all that jazz do not do anything for me. Thankfully while I prefer physical books it doesn't make much of a difference when learning if it is an eBook. The books I've been looking at have been Learning Web Design 4e from Jennifer Robinson for JavaScript and Making Games with Python & Pygame. Both are very great introductions - simple and comprehensive, though not too /deep/ in anything they both give an _extremely_ solid foundation for everything which is what I am looking for.

2014-09-15: September, September. Burr its cold!

Yeah, so it is September in Calgary and we've had 20cm+ of snow. Wow, this is not nearly as fun as you would think - in fact it isn't at all. The first say it hit, Monday September 8th was also my first day in my new programme at the University of Calgary so that was as fun and stressful as possible ... yeah.

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2014-08-01: Oh boy, what a time.

So, when I started this I was with ElectricByte VPS which decided to go down, for over a month with no compensation. So I switched to Linode, but I also started a job for the summer because I enrolled in school again. So it has been busy, a roller coaster of sorts.

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2014-05-21: The wonders of emacs!

As I said in the previous 'hello' post. I am using lazyblorg as a blogging engine as the starting point for this little informational website I have. This is for multiple reasons - I want to continue my learning experiment in emacs. Therefore combining emacs and org-mode together for this is probably the most non-specific way I can do this. However it is most definitely going to be a learning experience for me, thats for sure. Before this I haven't used org-mode at all. However there are a fair number of reasons for me to do this.

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2014-05-20: Hello!

Test entry for new lazyblorg, its pretty cool.

2014-03-09: About

I am a former student of Business Information Systems at Saint Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Now I am apparently a student at the University of Calgary (In ... wait for it ... Calgary, Alberta) taking a second Bachelors in Political Science.

If you are for some reason interested in learning more about me you can creep me some more on Twitter.